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Digitalization in the lab

How to meet increasing quality requirements for bulk material analysis with modern measurement technology.

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With digital features to higher quality

The requirements for bulk material qualities are continuously increasing across all industries - and with them the importance of laboratory tests for quality control in production and supplier companies.
Do smaller and smaller error tolerances also apply in your production? Do you sell your products with guaranteed qualities and want to reduce the risk of complaints to a minimum? Then it's worth taking a look at our whitepaper: here you will learn how to establish maximum reliability and efficiency with the clever use of digital features in your particle analysis laboratory.

These topics await you:

  • How standardized digital processes lead to more meaningful data
  • Which small details have a big effect on data quality
  • How to handle sensitive laboratory data securely

How you benefit from more digitalization in your lab:

Smart at last

Smart at last

Transfer your data to the desired extent to the configured interface of the laboratory system and store it automatically in a secure cloud.

Fast processing

Fast processing

Get more data in less time with extensive automation of your particle measurement.

Low effort

Low effort

Avoid costs by investing in state of the art equipment and modern systems for your lab.

About Haver & Boecker

As the world's leading manufacturer of wire mesh and analysis technology in the industrial, technical and laboratory sectors, Haver & Boecker looks back on over 130 years of experience in the development of innovative technologies. Since the early 1990s, we have been developing dynamic image analysis systems for particle analysis that continue to set new standards in functionality, precision and reliability.

Focus on measurement technology

From manual set-up to manual weighing and cleaning, the "human" factor in traditional sieve analysis carries a potential for error. At the same time, the sieve tower, sieves or scales cannot be directly digitized. Find out in the whitepaper how software-supported digital-optical measurement succeeds in making most manual interventions during analysis redundant.

Digitalization in the lab

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